Encounter Aggregator for all URSA-CORE Encounter Types
  • 13 Dec 2023
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Encounter Aggregator for all URSA-CORE Encounter Types

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Article summary

Object Description

One record for each encounter that meets the definition of at least one of the following URSA-CORE encounter types: hospital inpatient admission encounter, clinician office visit encounter, ED visit parent encounter, observation stay parent encounter, SNF encounter, ambulatory surgical center encounter, hospital outpatient surgery encounter, other hospital outpatient encounter, home health care visit encounter, surgery encounter, and birth center encounter.


  • Table Name: ursa.so_ursa_core_enc_020
  • Layer: Synthetic Object
  • Object Type: Single Stack
  • Temporal Class: Event
  • Case ID: Encounter ID
  • Event Date: Encounter Start Date
  • Primary Key: Encounter ID

Relational Diagram

Encounter Aggregator for All URSA-CORE Encounter Types.png


Dedicated Precursors

  • [SO/URSA-CORE] Encounter Aggregator for all URSA-CORE Encounter Types, Precursor 1 (All Encounter Object Records): One record for each record in any of the URSA-CORE encounter objects; a simple union of encounter records, no deduplication.



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