Provider-Provider Group Affiliation Timelines
  • 26 Apr 2023
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Provider-Provider Group Affiliation Timelines

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Article Summary

Object Description

One record per provider - provider group affiliation timeline period during which the provider was an active provider in the provider group. Providers may have multiple concurrent affiliations with different provider groups.


  • Table Name: ursa.no_ursa_core_prov_005
  • Layer: Natural Object
  • Object Type: Simple Timeline
  • Temporal Class: Interval (Timeline)
  • Case ID: Provider ID, Affiliated Provider Group Provider ID
  • Interval Start Date: Period Start Date
  • Interval End Date: Period End Date
  • Primary Key: Provider ID, Affiliated Provider Group Provider ID, Period Start Date, Period End Date

Relational Diagram

Provider-Provider Group Affiliation Timelines.png


Dedicated Precursors

  • [NO/URSA-CORE] Provider-Provider Group Affiliation Timelines, Precursor 1 (All Source Records): One record per provider-provider group affiliation timeline period.



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