Universal Encounter Document Aggregator
  • 24 Apr 2023
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Universal Encounter Document Aggregator

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Article summary

Object Description

One record per document that is associated with at least one of the URSA-CORE encounter types.


  • Table Name: ursa.so_ursa_core_enc_120
  • Layer: Synthetic Object
  • Object Type: Single Stack
  • Temporal Class: Event
  • Case ID: Document ID
  • Event Date: Document Effective Date
  • Primary Key: Document ID

Relational Diagram

Universal Encounter Document Aggregator.png

Dedicated Precursors

  • [SO/URSA-CORE] Universal Encounter Document Aggregator, Precursor 1 (All Encounter Documents): One record per document-encounter pair; the same document can appear multiple times. These duplicates are resolved in the terminal object.



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